Thursday, November 16, 2017

San Antonio Shopping Center redevelopment

I used to enjoy seeing the Santa Cruz Mountains on the horizon when moving around Mountain View. The views reminded me of the city founders who saw those same mountains and named the city “Mountain View". Now those views are disappearing behind these tall, looming rectangular structures. We live in a Mediterranean climate and buildings from that area would be a welcome change here. More curves, arched windows, and so on. No one wants to live in a cube, and all those new apartments in Mountain View look like cubes.

The entire San Antonio area bordered by California, Showers, El Camino Real and San Antonio, is a one giant mess. It promised to be Mountain View's Santana Row, it is more like these buildings dropped out of the blue sky with no rhyme or reason. The developers create the vertical, rectangular "cookie-cutter" style apartment buildings that now pepper Mountain View and other neighboring communities. All of the new units being proposed are a contemporary design and someone need to break from the contemporary designs.

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