Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fremont Condo HOA prohibited kids from playing outside

According to the local media:
Families in Fremont have scored a huge legal victory after they sued their condo complex because it wouldn’t let their kids play outside. For years, kids were not allowed to play outside in the gated complex located on Sequim Common, home to dozens of families. The homeowners association, Silvertree Mohave HOA, had set up the rules, but now an $800,000 settlement is forcing management to pay up.
Looks like the families sued themselves and won. Plaintiffs are former homeowners in the Silvertree Mohave HOA condominium complex in Fremont, California. The people who own homes in a community with a HOA are the HOA.

As it stands now here is the final score:

  • Lewis Family: +$35K
  • Project Sentinel: +$19K
  • Lewis' "pro-bono" Lawyers +296,020
  • Each of the members in the class action: +$2,335 x 334 ($800k)
  • Families currently living there AKA Silvertree Mohave HOA -$1,150,020 (or $10,648 each)
Somehow I do not see a huge legal victory for the families living in HOA. Now they are going to have a special assessment to pay themselves. As part of the settlement, the Silvertree Mojave HOA must also post signs letting residents know that children can play outside. The children being children, upon seeing the signs never played outside ever again.

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