Friday, June 09, 2017

Leaving the Bay Area for the Pacific Northwest

Being in the Bay Area is extremely hard if you're not successful. If you are successful, and you happen to like good creativity, urban streetscapes, cultural diversity, nightlife, proximity to nature, physical activity, recreation, and great weather. There isn't any huge difference between the Bay Area for the Pacific Northwest other than one being slightly less expensive. So it's not a huge surprise that people run into the same problems. I'd be more interested to hear from people who have moved to a completely different part of the country like Utah or North Carolina.

Tori Sepand, 23, discovered that the grass really is literally greener in the Pacific Northwest for a reason. Rain. I'm used to sunshine," said Sepand, an East Bay native who moved to Seattle in 2015. "What I didn't expect is how much the weather would affect my overall happiness.

This is except from SFGATE story exploring how people's lives change after leaving the Bay Area.

In my opinion we have it better here in the Bay Area, period. And it's not just a greater job pool, amazing weather, better food, and California sunshine. There is an attitude in California unlike anywhere else in the US. It is that attitude of opportunity we in California are the last meritocracy left in the US. You leave Bay Area, and it's not what you know, it's who you know.

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