Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The supply and demand of Bay Area housing

High Tech is a blessing and a curse. The high incomes and lack of housing have made the San Francisco Bay Area an unaffordable. The housing and traffic can be diffused in Silicon Valley if the high tech companies provide telecommuting, where a worker can do job from anywhere. A disruption in this area is much needed!

Silicon Valley – the world’s leading innovation region – is seeing many warning signs that our continued success is not a given. Other U.S. tech hubs are competitively pursuing our region’s jobs and skilled workers – and local companies themselves feel the strain of growing their businesses in one of the world’s most expensive labor and housing markets. Last month, Zapier, a tech company based in Silicon Valley, started offering new hires $10,000 to help them “delocate” from the Bay Area, ostensibly to move somewhere more affordable.

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