Sunday, May 21, 2017

Centerra apartments occupancy rates

The Centerra apartments in downtown San Jose recently published the advertisement in Mercury News or may be it was just an article, but I still got an impression it was the advertisement. Anyway according to the article

occupancy rates are high — approaching 95 percent at Centerra, where most tenants are in their mid-20s to early 40s and work in tech. They pay between $2,500 and $3,780 monthly for apartments that come with hotel-style amenities including a full gym, heated swimming pool, and barbecue zone.

In the same time Centerra offers right now "UP TO 6 WEEKS FREE ON SELECT UNITS PLUS A $500 LOOK AND LEASE SPECIAL!". How is that possible if you have 95 percent occupancy rate. Why would you offer 6 weeks free rent in Centerra aparments, if you rented almost all units.

Another interesting is an apartment layouts. Loot at one bedroom, one bathroom apartments that high tech employee could rent for $2,209 per month. Do you notice something strange?

centerra san jose

It is my understanding that under California tenants law, a rental apartment can be tagged as uninhabitable if it doesn't have windows that can open and a certain amount of natural light.

Natural lighting in every room through windows or skylights. Windows in each room must be able to open at least halfway for ventilation, unless a fan provides mechanical ventilation.

I'm not sure if Centerra apartments have a work-around to that though.

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