Monday, October 03, 2016

Bay Area’s most congested commute

Plan to buy a new house in Bay Area? Do not Check the list of Bay Area’s 10 most congested freeways according to Metropolitan Transportation Commission.


1. San Francisco/Bay Bridge, PM eastbound
(from 101/80 to Treasure Island)

2. East Bay/Bay Bridge/S.F., all day westbound
(from Highway 4 in Contra Costa County to 101 in San Francisco)

3. Interstates 680/280, AM southbound/northbound, Santa Clara County
(from South Jackson Avenue in San Jose to Foothill Expressway)

4. Highway 101, PM southbound, Santa Clara County
(from North Fair Oaks Avenue to Oakland Road)

5. Interstate 80, PM eastbound, Alameda County
(from West Grand Avenue to Gilman Street)

6. Interstate 880, AM southbound, Alameda/Santa Clara counties
(from Highway 238 to Highway 237)

7. Interstate 680, PM northbound, Alameda County
(from Mission Boulevard to Calaveras Road)

8. Highway 101, AM northbound, Santa Clara County
(from Silver Creek Valley Road to North Fair Oaks Avenue)

9. Interstate 880, PM northbound, Alameda County
(from Mowry Avenue to A Street)

10. Highway 101, PM northbound, San Mateo County
(from Woodside Road to Hillsdale Avenue)

Source: Metropolitan Transportation Commission

As obvious from this report current roads administration have no idea how to organize and optimize traffic and can only issue helpless comments. Companies like Facebook and Google with vast experience in networks organization and administration may be able to design and implement drastic improvements needed before San Francisco traffic network will collapse.

The cities like San Jose approve residential without enough business to sustain the population. Take for example Cottle Transit Village development right at SR-85 on the former Hitachi land. The development added at least 3000 single unit homes. We'll assume (unreasonably) for a minute that only half of those homes are single income households and the other half sits at home all day. That adds working 4500 adults living in that area. how many jobs do you think the business side of that development added. So where do you think those 4500 adults are headed every morning for work? I'm gonna guess one of two places. Either NB on 101, or NB on 85. Cottle road is virtually maxed out now and the new living units, plus Costco, will add more traffic. Why didn’t San Jose widen the access to Blossom Hill Road and the Highway 101 onramps to two lanes?

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