Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Millennium Tower - San Francisco Housing Bubble

Millennium Tower in San Francisco is sinking. The building has no visible damage, but cracks and some water intrusion have appeared in the underground garage. The fact that this building was not anchored in bed rock is impossible to believe. The phrase 'soil liquefaction' comes immediately to mind. Good luck to the unfortunate residents. The developers built an extra concrete heavy building on mud fill and only anchored a 645 ft tall building 80 ft down into mud fill. I am no structural expert but this sounds very scary and hopefully we would not see the literal San Francisco Housing Bubble crash when the building crash down and hit other San Francisco hi-rises near causing a giant domino effect in SOMA.

Millennium Tower - San Francisco

What I wonder about is just how this building would react in a six-seven magnitude earthquake, which is certainly possible. Would it stand or really tilt to the point of tipping over? And how did this design ever get approved? Seems like there are a lot more questions than answers - probably keep half the lawyers busy for the next several years.

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