Monday, July 11, 2016

San Jose Reserve Apartments Eviction

The Brotish Guardian picked up coverage of the dangerous situation the unfortunate residents of the San Jose Reserve Apartments. The 216-unit, rent-controlled building will be demolished next April to make way for 640 market-rate apartments.

Adding 640 units at market rate will add 400 units but it's adding 600 units so for market figures, yes there is a net gain in housing. In terms of community and social justice there is a net reduction of 216 affordable housing units because none of the new units will be available financially for current residents. It's good for the housing crisis in Bay Area, but it's very bad for the specific tenants who are losing their homes.

One more problem is that apartment project planned for a already crowded Winchester Boulevard. The new complex will have parking spaces for only 920 cars, but where the other residents would park their cars?

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