Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Starbird Sunnyvale opening soon

New fast food chain Starbird will open a first restaurant in Sunnyvale later this month. Starbird will be located on 1241 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087 and this place next to BevMo! was previously occupied by Pizza Hut chain. Starbird’s chicken will be free-range and antibiotic-free local, hand-cut, hand-battered, and small batch–fried. Even the eggs dished at breakfast are organic and cage-free, served on rolls baked in-house. Then there’s the coffee, which is ground and brewed to order. The premium quality may explain why breakfast checks will be will be about $6. Lunch is expected to weigh in at about $9, while dinner could fetch about $11. There will be no fountain sodas, only hand-crafted iced teas, seasonal lemonades and some bottled artisanal beverages.

From the business

Positively Delicious Chicken. Super Premium Fast Food.

We've reimagined fast food to meet the needs of a new America. We've kept the good parts, and fixed the bad ingredients, tastes and experiences.

We've created a world where eating conveniently and healthily are not at odds, and where affordability never has to be associated with sacrifice. At Starbird, fast food is positive and delicious, once again.


Established in 2014.

Starbird is the passion project of The Culinary Edge. After launching dozens of successful restaurant concepts for its clients, the time came for The Culinary Edge to incubate, own and operate its own restaurants. In 2014 The Culinary Edge created The Culinary Edge Ventures (TCEV). TCEV's mission is to innovate and revolutionize tired restaurant industry segments with purposeful and dynamic concepts.

Starbird is the first concept, with a mission to reimagine fast food all across America.

Meet Aaron Noveshen - Business Owner

Business Owner
Aaron is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur and authority in food product development. Founder of The Culinary Edge, Aaron is also the co-founder of Pacific Catch restaurants. Aaron serves as a Director of the California Restaurant Association and Golden Gate Restaurant Association, and is the Chairman Emeritus of the CRA Educational Foundation.

A second Starbird location already is in the design stage in Foster City, and a third Silicon Valley location also has been selected. If these three succeed, look for more in the San Francisco Bay Area and in other markets.

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