Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bay Area Commuting And Housing Crash

Since last housing crash in San Francisco Bay Area many workers have been moving into surrounding counties as skyrocketing housing prices push residents farther from jobs centered in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The residents are still employed in San Francisco Bay Area though, leading to longer commutes. All these people are moving around on the most congested corridors, and there's no great public transportation options for these commuters.

Approximately 600,000 vehicles enter and exit the nine-county Bay Area from an area comprising six counties in and around Sacramento, three Northern San Joaquin Valley area counties, and three Monterey Bay area counties.

Beware folks. This is how the last crash started. That is right. This is nothing new. Remember all those developments in Tracy and Fairfield, Vacaville and Mountain Home from decades ago. Then, gas prices skyrocketed. All the folks had to put their mortgage money in the gas tank. All groceries and products produced and shipped with gas burning machinery had sudden steep price increases. No money for the mortgage. Companies that depend on vehicles of any type started reducing head count to make up for higher gas prices. We had people defaulting on their mortgages and housing bust in flames. Now we all know how that turned out. Now the cycles of history are becoming shorter and shorter.

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