Monday, May 02, 2016

Bay Area Housing crisis: school districts to retain teachers
Cupertino Union School District has less than 8 full time teacher openings listed, out of over 750 employees. It is clear indication that they are not having problems finding teachers and are suffering a teacher shortage problem. In the same time local newspaper reports that

many teachers throughout the Bay Area struggling to find stable, affordable housing near their jobs. Many are commuting long distances to work; some are taking in roommates; and still others are working extra jobs to make ends meet. The situation has grown so severe that some are considering moving away or leaving the profession altogether.

Interesting statistic: median household income Santa Clara county $93,854, while the article said one of the teachers just got a pay raise to $92K and we are suppose to feel bad for teachers? I do not understand what the problem is. Bay Area requires two incomes to be successful or you're sharing apartments or renting further out. By the way the teachers have have more job security than the rest of us, healthcare benefits, extended summer vacations and state-backed pensions.

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