Tuesday, March 22, 2016

San Jose Rent Increases

Alex Shoor lives in Shasta-Hanchett Park, one of the most expensive and desirable of all San Jose neighborhoods and his rent goes up year after year.
Reading our landlord's renewal letter, my wife and I were hardly surprised yet still exasperated: For the second consecutive year, we're facing a huge rent increase. A year ago, the corporation controlling our building raised our rent 20 percent, unwilling to discuss a fairer increase. Two weeks ago, we felt another gut punch: Pay another 16 percent or move out. That's a 39 percent increase in two years
Perhaps he may have to move. It's happening to thousands renters in Bay Area. It is not the lendlord's job to provide housing for everyone. If your job does not pay enough to support housing in expensive and desirable area then .

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