Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cupertino School District API Report

Every year at this time, you see why home buyer love Cupertino so much: It's the schools. California released the Academic Performance Index (API) scores of each district and school in California on August 31th, which is commonly used by real estate agents to show the home buyers best places to buy a home in California. The required tests measure a school’s composite academic achievement based on a variety of statewide assessments. The schools and the districts receive an annual API score between 200 and 1,000 with a goal to score higher than 800.

Cupertino School District, comprising twenty elementary and five middle schools, came out on top with an API score of 955 out of 1,000. Two of the five top-scoring schools in the state were from Cupertino School District. Faria and Murdock-Portal elementary schools scored 998 out of 1,000.

For a comprehensive report on California’s 2011 API, visit searchable state Department of Education website, to see scores for any district, or any school in the state, going back to 2005.

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