Friday, May 06, 2011

Top Elementary Schools California

Yesterday California Department of Education released school ranking based on various test known as STAR and last spring high school exit exams. This numbers added 1-to-10 ranking for each school in California and bases on 2010 API scores release last September. Bay Area schools continue to dominate the rankings of public schools in state, landing 13 of California's top 15 elementary schools, according to released 2010 API data.

Top elementary school in California are
  1. Millikin Elementary School, Santa Clara Unified, 999 API
  2. Murdock-Portal Elementary School, Cupertino Union, 998 API
  3. William Faria Elementary School, Cupertino Union, 997 API
  4. Mission San Jose Elementary School, Fremont Unified, 995 API
  5. Manchester Gate Elementary School, Fresno Unified, 993 API
  6. John Gomes Elementary School, Fremont Unified, 992 API
  7. Teach Elementary School, San Luis Coastal Unified, 992 API
  8. Garden Gate Elementary School, Cupertino Union, 990 API
  9. Bullis Charter K-8 school, Santa Clara County Office of Education, 988 API
  10. West Hillsborough Elementary School, Hillsborough, 987 API
  11. Regnart Elementary School, Cupertino Union, 986 API
  12. Dilworth, Elementary School Cupertino Union, 986 API
  13. North Hillsborough Elementary School, Hillsborough, 986 API
  14. North Star Academy Elementary School, Redwood City, 985 API
  15. Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Palo Alto Unified, 984 API

As you may notice, Bay Area public schools continue to attract home buyers and renters willing to spend more on mortgage or rent than average American household.

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