Monday, November 29, 2010

Cupertino schools lottery

According to a new rules in Cupertino School district there will be a kindergarten lottery for Stocklmeir and Eisenhower Elementary Schools even the kid lives in the school attendance area. It is very upsetting for a new homeowners who had to fight through multiple offers to buy a house in the neighbourhoods Cupertino Villas, Enclave and Pruneridge Villas condos and townhomes and now must participate in the lottery to get into the local public school.
Kindergarten registration for Stocklmeir and Eisenhower Elementary Schools: January 24 – February 3. Only parents/guardians may pick up a registration packet at their area attendance school beginning January 14, 2011. As the potential for new kindergarten enrollment at Stocklmeir and Eisenhower may exceed the schools capacity, parents are encouraged to ensure that the prospective kindergarten student (residing in the Stocklmeir/Eisenhower attendance area during the Kindergarten Registration Window) is registered during the registration window from January 24 – February 3, 2011. A Kindergarten Lottery for Stocklmeir Elementary and Eisenhower Elementary will be held on February 7, 2011 for Kindergarteners who registered during the Kindergarten Registration window only. Sibling priority will be given to siblings of in-district students currently attending Stocklmeir or Eisenhower schools who register during the registration window and live in the Stocklmeir Eisenhower elementary schools attendance area.
Many real estate agents and landlords are worried that Cupertino school lottery may contribute to a rent decrease and property value drop in neighborhood apartments and homes, because renting or buying the house in Stocklmeir and Eisenhower schools attendance area does not guarantee your child gets into these high ranking schools.

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