Wednesday, May 06, 2009

America's Top Towns to Live Well

Forbes published the list of America's top 25 towns to live well

1. Boulder, Colorado

2. Doral, Florida

3. Fairfax, Virginia

4. Mountain View, California
Population: 70,960
Location: South of Palo Alto on the Bay Area peninsula.
Median income: $88,736

Strongest categories: While there's plenty more to Mountain View, the average commute time of 20 minutes is a rarely found pleasure of Bay Area living. Credit Mountain View's standing as our most active venture capital markets, for an abundance of entrepreneurs running their own businesses, which in turn means they don't have to commute to bigger cities like San Jose and San Francisco.

Drawbacks: There aren't a lot of restaurants, music venues, museums or cultural attractions in Mountain View, though it isn't too far for residents to trek 15 miles into San Jose.

5. Cupertino, California
Population: 50,572
Location: South of San Francisco and west of San Jose.
Median income: $128,149

Strongest categories: A great start-up environment in the heart of the Silicon Valley and home to a number of semiconductor and technology companies, most notably Apple, Cupertino succeeds as a mix of a place for established businesses and small shops. It ranks in the top 10 for sole proprietors and small businesses per capita.

Drawbacks: While you certainly can't complain about the warm climate, Cupertino simply didn't do as well as the top cities on our list even in the categories considered its strengths.

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Jeannie Nguyen said...

Forbes used ZoomProspector data to determine this list. Here are the Mountain View and Cupertino profile pages on ZoomProspector:

Mountain View: