Friday, March 06, 2009

Mondrian Mountain View

The 151-unit townhomes development known as Mondrian Mountain View by Shea Homes located right of Caltrain tracks and highway 237 in northeastern Mountain View near Sunnyvale border. Not long ago Shea homes razed long vacant Calvac headquarters buildings and plans to build two and three bedrooms townhomes on 9 acres property
Mondrian Shea Homes
Mondrian Mountain View located just a few minutes’ drive from still revalidated Sunnyvale’s downtown, while active Mountain View’s downtown located in much shorter distance. Looking from the construction site the location of new Mondrian Mountain View homes looks like it may be a little bit noisy, as it is very close to Caltrain’s rail track, Central expressway, highway 237 and over the fence Mt. Eden Floral Company with store opened at 7:30am even on Saturdays.

Mondrian’s homes are well priced for Mountain View at around $600,000 while comparably sized new homes in this area, like nearest Wild Orchid Mountain View, going around $900,000.
Mondrian Mountain View
The townhouses of Mondrian Sunnyvale located within attendance area of Mountain View Whisman School District and Mountain View Los Altos Union High school. The students from new Mountain View home community will attend the following schools Landels Elementary school, Graham Middle School and Mountain View High School.
Mondrian Sunnyvale
The onsite sales office for Mondrian Mountain View located at 465 Chagall St, Mountain View, CA 94041, but you should 505 E Evelyn Ave Mountain View, CA 94041 to get proper direction to these new Mountain View townhouses.


Tran Cho said...

These homes are on formerly commercial land that is within 50 yards from the caltrain (day) and heavy goods delivery (all night long) southern pacific rail lines. I've lived next to 'the tracks' before and can honestly say that EVERY time a train goes by things in your house go bouncing around if they are not glued down. You also get woken up at all hours of the night when the mile long frieght trains come through at 3 AM pounding the earth (and your home). Anyone seriously considering these should put a tape recorder in one for 24 hours first to get an idea what life is like 'on the tracks'

Anonymous said...

Parking could be a big issue in Mondrian. It appears there is no on-street parking nearby. Each home comes with two car garage, but where to park if family have more than two cars or want to use garage for storage as everyone does in Bay Area?

Anonymous said...

I personally toured a model unit when a train was coming by. You really could not hear it when the windows/doors are closed. The insulation is very good. It will be more of an issue with the windows/doors open, but you could always get a unit away from the tracks and 237. Although ongoing construction may be a hassle for early residents, at approx $100k less than Bedford Square, for the same type of floorplan, it is a good value.

Anonymous said...

These houses don't seem to be selling in the last few weeks that I've been monitoring. Does anybody know why? Are the prices going to drop?

Anonymous said...

Prices have actually risen on the newer releases from about $10-30k over the past 6 months. They do not have much available inventory and most of the units from the latest release have been sold. I can think of a couple reason why some of the inventory may not have sold:

1 - End of the federal tax credit of $8000; end of April
2 - The 2 bedroom units have more trouble selling, as they appeal more to empty-nesters than young families

I wouldn't expect them to drop short of another catastrophic double-dip recession. Mtn View actually held up pretty well during the most recent downturn, given the desirable location and lack of surplus inventory. Also, Mondrian is priced well in comparison for the area.

Anonymous said...

Hm.. maybe you are right. It's just the end of the year.

I would think that maybe they should release better plots (with garden views maybe) to bring up the sales. The current ones only overlook other houses and aren't as interesting.