Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1120 new homes in Mountain View

Despite looking pretty bleak housing market, developers in Mountain View proposing as many as 1,120 new housing units on thirty-eight acres parcel in Mountain View's South Whisman area.

The project, which could entail as many as 1,120 housing units and 70,000 square feet of commercial space, is planned for a 38-acre site bordered by Ferguson Drive, East Middlefield Road and the VTA light rail line. The site is currently home to many under-used industrial and commercial buildings.

As usual for large size development, there are complaints about traffic and noise from neighbors.
Ron Herman, representing the Bedford Square Mountain View Homeowners Association, said local roads would also be affected and urged the city to consider scaling back the plans.

Herman and several other residents of Bedford Square Mountain View, which is adjacent to the South Whisman site, also complained about the noise at their development from Highway 237 and Ferguson. Commission members said they'd have to look more closely at noise levels to make sure any residents of a new development wouldn't have the same problems.

"The noise is unbearable," Herman said. "If we open the windows we can't sleep at night."

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