Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Echelon Palo Alto

The new homes of Echelon Palo Alto by SummerHill Homes are located in south Palo Alto between Altaire Palo Alto and Sterling Park Palo Alto. 75 attached residences in 12 three-story buildings were built on 4.35 acres of land on East Meadow Drive in Palo Alto, which was formerly under development by Standard Pacific Homes and before that owned by satellite communications company Loral.

The prices for 2 bedrooms homes in Echelon Palo Alto starts from $769,000 while prices for 3 bedrooms homes starts from 859,000, plus homeowner have to pay home association fee (HOA) starting from $250.

The students kids from Echelon Palo Alto homes would attend the same schools in Palo Alto School District as kids from nearest Sterling Park Palo Altohome development, namely Palo Verde elementary (API 917), JLS middle (API 927) and Gunn High (API 904) schools. Palo Alto School District will try to place kids in neighborhood schools based on attendance area. Sometime a neighborhood school is completely full, so the attendance area school will assign students to nearest school that has space within Palo Alto School District.

The convenient location gives Echelon Palo Alto homeowner access to the restaurant of Palo Alto's University Avenue (5 mi) and Mountain View’s Castro Street (4 mi), but do not plan to drink to much – you still have to drive there. Nearest San Antonio Shopping Center (2 mi) offers purchases for every day life, while Stanford Shopping Center (5 mi) gives an access to high end retail shopping. A few more shopping places around are Costco on Rengstorf in Mountain View and IKEA in East Palo Alto. Hikers, bikers, golfers and even surfers from Echelon Palo Alto could spend weekends in the nearest parks - 700-acre Shoreline Park or 1940-acre Palo Alto Baylands open from dawn till dusk.

The information center and sales office of Echelon Palo Alto is located at 1101 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto.


Anonymous said...

Does Echelon consider a expensive condo in this particular area?

Anonymous said...

to answer ^ palo alto is a desirable area. It is probably average in that town, but it is considered upper to upper middle class in the bay area.