Friday, February 01, 2008

Cupertino Square Shopping Center

The beer is coming to Cupertino Square, Hofbräu Beer Hall – 400 seat beer hall and restaurant like in Munich. Cupertino Square developers are trying to capitalize on Cupertino's rich population, which the city said has an average household income of more than $150,000. Unfortunately for developers Cupertino residents don't behave like typical affluent customers. This is a very family oriented community and the expensive housing sucks up most of their earned incomes. I'm not surprised the ice skating rink, AMC Cupertino Square 16, and Strike Cupertino bowling alley are doing well. I suspect Target is the most successful retail establishment in the area. If they really want to make a killing, they should go after more discount retailers and businesses that appeal to families, for example Costco. There is a market for people going out for after work drinks like Outback Steakhouse, Elephant Bar Restaurant and BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, but I doubt enough of those after-work drinkers will go to the Hofbräu Beer Hall in Cupertino Square to keep it in business.


Anonymous said...


This place will be the biggest draw in the bay area trust me.

Anonymous said...

+1 It will be a big draw to that dead mall.