Friday, March 09, 2007

Tantau Development

Last month Pacific Resources Inc. drops building plan and withdrawal application to build 125 single-family attached residential units on North Tantau Avenue north of Interstate 280 near new Apple campus in Cupertino and sold the land to unknown buyer (I suspect that unknow buyer is Apple).

Tantau Cupertino

Pacific Resources, a San Francisco based, real estate company, acquired Hewlett-Packard's building complex at 10300, 10400 and 10501 North Tantau Ave in Cupertino, as part of a larger rejuvenation in the area around the Cupertino Square (former Vallco) shopping center two year ago for $25 million. Initially the company planned to upgrade buildings and surrounding landscape and lease them as offices, but later decided to demolish properties and construct 125 townhouses plus small public park.

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