Monday, February 19, 2007

Vallco becomes Cupertino Square

According to Cupertino city history:
A major milestone in Cupertino's development was the creation by some of the city's largest landowners of VALLCO Business and Industrial Park in the early 1960's. Of the 25 property owners, 17 decided to pool their land to form VALLCO Park, 6 sold to Varian Associates, a thriving electronic firm founded by Russell Varian, and 2 opted for transplanting to farms elsewhere. The name VALLCO was derived from the names of the principal developers: Varian Associates and the Leonard, Lester, Craft and Orlando families.

Last week Vallco General Manager Mike Rohde explained the Cupertino City Council that the mall plans a major overhaul starting in March that also will include a name change from Vallco to Cupertino Square. The current mall's owners, Landmark Properties Management, plan two hotels on the site, a 16-screen AMC Cupertino movie theater, new restaurants and a 38,000-square foot upscale bowling alley.

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