Thursday, January 04, 2007

Adobe Terrace Cupertino

The Google's server farm still returns information about authentic Mexican food restaurant Adobe Inn in Cupertino, but back then in 2005 city council approved Pinn Brothers construction of Adobe Terrace condominiums located at 20128 Stevens Creek Boulevard. The complex scheduled to completion in the late spring of 2006 would have 2,395 square feet of retail space and 23 residential units.

The building nicely situated on the south side of Steven Creek Boulevard between Torre Avenue and South Blaney Avenue. I don't know how many of you lived not far from fire station, but Santa Clara County Fire Department operates fire depot just in direct view from condominium. Definitely the insurance companies would love such location, but think about going to bed when a fire engine roared by with its siren turned on warning people to get out.

The west and south sides of Adobe Terrace facing to the two residential complexes: 106 units Podium apartments (10100 Torre Avenue) and 155 units Biltmore Apartments (10159 South Blaney Avenue). The headquarter of Infoloan mortgage finance company and office of Chicago title company specialized in escrow, appraisals, and title insurance service located to the north and just after them a happy condo owner may walk to Chili's Restaurant, which is actually full almost every day.

The builder didn't advertise Adobe Terrace prices yet, but as usual with the homes located within Cupertino and Fremont school districts these properties attract a premium. The school premium may still be worth paying because condo prices there are more likely to remain robust, condos are likely to sell quicker, and the good schools attract a good folks. The kids will go to Eaton Elementary, Lawson Middle and Cupertino High schools. It is very important that all three schools located within walking distance from condominium, because the Cupertino School District does not offer home to school transportation for students enrolled in the regular elementary and middle school program.

Sales office address - 20128 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

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