Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oak Park Village Cupertino

Developer Pinn Brothers completed 46 units Oak Park condominiums at 10745 N. De Anza Boulevard in Cupertino on the place previously occupied by Santa Barbara Grill restaurant. The initial plans to construct a 120 rooms hotel were rejected after management of the nearby Cupertino Inn hotel asked city council to reject the proposals, arguing that a new hotel would hurt their businesses in the city.

The Oak Park condos are so close to a busy highway 280 and there would be a lot of road noise. Of course some windows are superior at screening out noise, according to their makers, but potential home buyer need to check if condo has double glazed thermal windows (two panes of glass) and it might help a little to add a third layer of glass or plastic in the form of inside or outside storm windows, but what would HOA (home owners association) say about this improvement. Three bedroom condos of Oak Park priced around $750,000, two bedroom condos is approximately $680,000. HOA fee for this condominium is just about $400.

On the short video below you can listen the noise level near Oak Park condos :

The only bait for the buyer is the high ranking Cupertino public schools. According to attendance area boundaries, students will go to Garden Gate Elementary, Lawson Middle and Monta Vista High schools (The Monta Vista as the 57th best high school in the United States, the 4th highest academically performing high school in all of California). By the way only because of school rating in Cupertino the median home price climbed to almost $970,000 this year and would continue to climb despite home sales dropped everywhere.

Sales office address - 10745 N. De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

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Anonymous said...

This place has no DSL and no Comcast services. Residents would need to share a single unreliable slow T1 line. Don't bet on it if you work at home and require decent Internet service.

Anonymous said...

This place is great for school and work. Pinn Brothers has very poor customer service team. They either ignore or provide slow service to you. Make sure don't sign any agreement until they fix all or you won't see them again. For sure, company who is taking care of internet connection needs to find better service(s) instead of T1 which is expensive and slow. They all need changes.