Friday, November 03, 2006

Dream on

The letter in support of measures D & E was published in the latest issue of Cupertino Courier:

Having lived here since 1979 (near Vallco), I have a dream that:
Vallco will be revived with shoppers, children laughing, families having fun.
From the ashes of the Phoenix, tax revenues from Vallco will once again flow into the city coffers;
Parking lots will be full and we will say, "It is good;"
Decades old dirty fields will be filled with affordable housing for people of all ethnicities, instead of impersonal industrial buildings;
A large city park with children playing will fill the ugly lot of brown, dusty earth;
One day when I grow old, I can sell my house and move into a retirement setting in Cupertino with convenient shopping. After all, it should be my city for a lifetime as well as yours;
People will cease to defame one another, growing smartly together in graciousness;
In the years to come, we will all say in one voice, "It is very good!"
I have a dream. Vote Yes on measures D & E.

Let’s do some math and check the authors point about selling house in Cupertino and moving to Vallco Fashion Park condominium. I would expect that someone who bought house in Cupertino in 1979 paid it off already and paying not more then $3,500 in property taxes and the current market house price would be at least $1M. Let’s sell house and buy 650K two bedrooms condo in Metropolitan . The property taxes would sky rocket to $7,000 and not forget HOA (Homeowners Association Fees) $331 per month. As result of transaction one has to pay almost $1000 per month instead of $290 and I don’t think it would be a nice move even you cashed $350K after selling house. I would sell and move to Texas!

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