Saturday, October 21, 2006

Development activity in Cupertino

The list of school affected by latest development activity in Cupertino

  • Vallco Fashion Park condominiums: Wolfe Road between Stevens Creek Blvd. and I-280, 204 condos (Collins, Lawson, Cupertino)
  • Toll Brothers condos: North side of Stevens Creek Blvd. between Finch Ave. and Tantau Ave, 380 units (Eisenhower, Hyde, Cupertino)
  • Adobe Terrace condominiums by Pinn Brothers: 20128 Stevens Creek Blvd, 23 condos: schools (Eaton, Lawson, Cupertino)
  • Wolf Camera condos: 1375 S. De Anza Blvd, 6 condos, (Regnart, Kennedy, Monta Vista)
  • Oak Village (Former Santa Barbara Grill) condominiums by Pinn Brothers: 10745 N. De Anza Blvd, 46 condos, (Garden Gate, Lawson, Monta Vista)
  • Metropolitan condominiums by Menlo Equities: 19503 Stevens Creek Blvd, 107 condos, (Eisenhower, Hyde, Cupertino)
  • Sterling Square townhouses by Taylor Woodrow Homes: 10555 South DeAnza Blvd, 51 townhouses, (Eaton, Lawson, Cupertino)
  • Villagio condos by Silverstone Communities: 20500 Town Center Ln, 68 condos and 12 townhouses, (Eaton, Lawson, Cupertino)
  • Acacia Street Single Family Homes; Homestead Rd + Maxine Ave, 6 units, (West Valley, Cupertino, Homestead)
  • Murano homes, 7310 & 7308 Rainbow Dr, 55 single family, (Regnart, Kennedy, Monta Vista)
  • Rockwell Homes, east side of Stevens Canyon between St. Andrews Avenue and Riverside Drive, 15 townhomes

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe they are building condos next to Wolfe Camera. That lot looks so small.