Friday, May 12, 2006

Cypress Landing in Sunnyvale

Driving south by El Camino Real from Cupertino Villas potential home buyer soon will notice one more affordable real estate condo and townhouse complex - Cypress Landing ranging from $300’s. This property is one more example of conversion project in Silicon Valley, but it is not an apartment conversion as it was in case with Cupertino Villas in Sunnyvale. The owners of Woodfin Suites Hotel decided not long ago to convert the hotel to residential property due to declining hotel business. The 88 rooms Woodfin Suites Hotel was built in Sunnyvale soon after approval by City Council in 1986 and served as long stay hotel for visitors of Silicon Valley. The conversion plan for Cypress Landing by Avalon Villas will create around 14 one-bedroom, 41 two-bedroom condos, but the future residents will lose existing clubhouse building and pool. It is sad to lose a pool, but it will reduce home owner association fee.

The K-8 students of Cypress Landing will go to the elementary and middle schools of Sunnyvale School District . As for high school students they will study in Fremont Union High School district (FUHSD) or more precisely in Fremont High School. Personally I doubt that someone will buy condo in this complex, because of low school ratings. Without a doubt Cupertino Villas is better choice for someone who cares about kid’s education.

Location: To the north side of Cypress Landing is a high-density residential complex "The Highlander Apartments", consisting of 173 rental units. The retail commercial centers and Taqueria restaurant located on west side and auto service facility hidden behind high wall with climbing vines on eastern side of property. The exact address is 623 East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale.The proposed project has 108 parking spaces and it would be enough for residents, but probably no enough place for guest parking. On the south side some condos in this Sunnyvale complex facing of El Camino Real with all traffic and noise, but it also gives resident ability to use public transportation instead of own car. Not long ago the VTA launched rapid 522 bus line and one can reach downtowns Palo Alto or San Jose in half an hour reading books or listing iPod and not facing traffic and rising gas prices. On the other hand, East El Camino is very heavily trafficked street and the elevation from the streets look directly into sleeping areas of units closed to the street. Perhaps the nice fence would mitigate security issues and would also help to mute the significant traffic noise.

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Really interesting history about this project. There are always projects going up. Would love to read about more of them.

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