Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The new Apple campus and traffic

Apple Computer announced last week that company bought 50 acres parcel in Cupertino using third party real estate agent and will build new offices for as many as 3,500 employees. The property located along interstate 280 near Tantau road and Pruneridge avenue - across the street from the 100 acres HP parcel. That's wonderful news for Cupertino and retail business around property, especially for Cupertino Village shopping center by the way this popular Asian-focused shopping center has been sold for $65 million not long ago. The new campus may affect in a good way the straggling Vallco Fashion Park located on the other side of highway 280.

There is only one problem with a new location. The current main campus of Apple Computer located on junction of highway 280 and De Anza boulevard. The De Anza boulevard overpass has 10 lines and still there is traffic congestion during commute hours. The existing interchange at Wolfe road at route 280 has overpass with just four lines and without widening Apple employees will spend a lot of time just to get in or out new property. Probably the complete overpass reconstruction would be required for Wolfe road, because the current structure doesn’t allow driving to southbound 280 from a new Apple Computer campus. The configuration require driver to reach Vallco Fashion Park and then make U-turn. Apple or city of Cupertino have to sponsor southbound loop off-ramp from Wolfe Road. One more place to spend money is construction of the southbound auxiliary lane from Wolfe Road. These improvements will help to alleviate traffic congestion along interchange.

If someone thinks that 3,500 employees will not create a lot of traffic do not forget that Cupertino recently approved AMC Theaters (up to 3,500 seats) at Vallco Fashion Park and soon will approve the building of around 600 condos in surrounding area.

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